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Sunny Angel...

Hi, I'm Sunny Angel, I have a hole in my Heart. I have a passion to tell my Life story to help inspire others. I didn't want my pain to be wasted. I'm thankful my experiences have helped safeguard many others.


The story of a survivor

"I always get what I want, and I will get you!"

When Sunita captures the eye of a predator, her world is turned upside down. Subjected to the barriers of living with a traditional Indian family, Sunita finds herself unable to seek the support she needs from them.

Facing her predator alone, Sunita, young and naïve, finds herself drawn to him; a man who claims to have the power to destroy her family if she doesn’t comply with his demands.

Desperate to keep her family from harm, Sunita gives in. He says he loves her more than her family does. When his manipulation moves to the next level, Sunita finds herself trapped in a world she could never have imagined.

This is the inspirational true story of Sunita (Sunny) Angel and her strength to overcome the manipulation, lies, violence, threats and violation she was subjected to. She is a survivor and is determined to tell her story so that other victims can know that there is a way out.

About the Author

Sunny Angel is a single mother who help others as a volunteer. As an insecure 17-year-old Sunny caught the eye of a predator, Khan, who raped, tortured and manipulated her for several years. After her escape Sunny was then propelled from one form of abuse to another - forced into marriage and honour abuse by her family. Now, 20 years after her initial abuse, Sunny stands strong and refuses to remain silent. She also helps with healing and meditation at the Academy of Hard Knocks at Fight Science (who help youths stop re offending). She lives in Surrey.

A Super Big 'Thank you' to Paul King. Paul is the Co Author of Wings. I couldn't have completed Wings without his support. Together we have helped many around the World.

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