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A few photos of me from over the years.. Every photo like every scar has it's own story x

Born on the 4th July 1978

Early days at St. Peter's Hospital, Chertsey, England.

3 weeks in Intensive Care.

Aged about 3...

I was abused ..Darkness, pain and rejection was what became learnt behaviour. My Light was flickering for Predators to see..I was vulnerable. Looking back at my journey I am proud of who I am today..and my light shines bright to encourage other Victims and Survivors to honour their healing journey too.


Aged about 4...

I loved making arts and crafts at Nursery and playschool..

Not sure if I'm a Lion or a rebel Sunflower in this photo ;)

Aged about 5...

Princess Diana (My Idol!) poster hiding behind my wardrobe.

All I ever talked about was flying!

I used this very stool and another chair to balance and reach for something on top of the wardrobe. Wishing I could Fly!

I loved being a Witch... making spells so bad people could tell the truth and wouldn't hurt me or anyone else anymore.

I was in this room until I left 'home' as a teenager.

How it was in 1997, the scene in Chapter 1 Town called Malice. Bandstand. The day life changed for Sunny 15th March 1997.

Bandstand relocated to Woking Park in 2014 . Photo of Sunny Angel with Wings. 18th September 2017 - (Revisited the Bandstand 20 Years on from the life changing day)