Sunny Angel

Inspirational True Life Story
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A real blockbuster which tells how a young Asian girl was stalked, groomed and manipulated into a world where she was subjected to the most horrendous mental, physical and sexual abuse over a number of years. Abandoned by her family, she felt she had nobody she could turn to for help and so became trapped in this disastrous life.
It is also a story of survival, of hope, and of love, as Sunny tells how she managed to break free from this horrific cycle of violence, how she has turned her life around, and is now the mother of a beautiful daughter, Maya. She is now dedicated to helping prevent other girls from becoming victims of similar circumstances.
Beautifully written, with some lovely touches of dark humour.
If you only buy one book this year, make sure it’s WINGS!

***** 5 Stars By Mike Bland
You won't be able to put this down! What a courageous woman Sunny is to tell her inspirational but at times heartbreaking story of her life. She will inspire you and give you the perspective that no matter what abuse or tragedy you experience, you can and will thrive and keep a sense of humour. Thank you Sunny. You will help so many with your bravery.
***** 5 Stars by Rachel Keene