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It's been an amazing journey to share my experience and safeguard others with awareness.

I have done speeches to Family Division Judges of the High Court, Lord and Lady Justices of Appeal, Barristers, Multi-Agency, Social Workers, Drs, Hospital staff, Teachers, University Students, School Parents, Major Crime Unit, Several Police Forces, Multi Faith, Inter Faith and Charities.

I have worked with 7 Universities.

Various Newspapers, National and International. TV, Radios and Documentaries.

Currently updating the website.

London Fashion Week Feb 2019 - House of ikons. Kensington, London. - I deactivated my AK47 Kalashnikov to show 'The Pen is Mightier' #Wings #MightyPen -Sunny Angel (Photo Credit Mansoor Ali) 

Handful of Radio Interviews..

Handful of Newspaper Articles..

Handful of TV, Documentaries and extras..

Handful of Awards..

A handful of various articles and Interviews online..

Many more articles and International news available on Google Search of 'Sunny Angel' 

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